Biodiversity Survey of the Ogooué River, Gabon

A series of several hundred lots from Gabon’s Ogooué River form the OSIC’s most recent international accession. With the support of The Nature Conservancy and the Gabon-Oregon Transnational Research Center on Environment and Development, and in collaboration with CENAREST-Gabon, the Cornell University Museum of Vertebrates and Association Aimara, curator Brian Sidlauskas collected these specimens in September 2014. Click here to view an award-winning story map chronicling that expedition! Material from this expedition will support the development of an Atlas of Biodiversity for Gabon, the description of species new to science, and the eventual establishment of a reference collection in Gabon.

Ichthyological Exploration of Guyana's Cuyuni River

In 2011, the collection accessioned a series of freshwater fishes from Guyana. These resulted from a recent collection expedition led by Dr. Sidlauskas with funding from the Smithsonian Institution’s Biological Diversity of the Guyana Shield program. You can see galleries of fishes and locations from that expedition here, read articles about our use of Facebook to identify fishes here and here, or listen to a related podcast by Dylan McDowell, an undergrad in OSU’s Honors College.