Recent Happenings

Gift of Striped Beakfish Received


Oplegnathus fasciatus

We are fortunate to have received a gift of three preserved specimens of the Striped Beakfish, Oplegnathus fasciatus, from the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo, Japan. Several individuals of this west Pacific species were recently found live off the Oregon coast, having presumably drifted to our shores along with tsumani debris.  In collaboration with Samuel Chan and Kayla-Maria Martin at the Hatfield Marine Science Center, we will use the preserved specimens for educational outreach about this species. 

OS 19772

Image Credit:  Kaoru Kuriiwa


Ogooué Story Map Wins Prize

Still image from Ogooué Story Map


An interactive story map about our recent collection expedition to the Ogooué River of Gabon just won second place in ESRI's Storytelling with Maps contest (Conservation, Environment and Sustainability category). Many thanks to Sylvia Busby for her hard work in creating the story map, and to The Nature Conservancy and the Gabon-Oregon Center for Transnational Development for supporting the expedition.

June 9, 2015

Susumu Uji, a visiting scientist from Japan affiliated with the Postlethwait lab at the University of Oregon, visited the OSIC and used our radiographic facilities to examine zebrafish crosses for skeletal deformities.

Photo credit:  John Postlethwait

May 2015

Jean Hervé Mve Beh of Gabon’s ministry of science (IRAF/CENAREST), Joe Cutler of UC Santa Cruz and OSIC curator Brian Sidlauskas, recently spent a week in Corvallis identifying and cataloging specimens from the 2014 expedition to Gabon’s Ogooué River. They determined that the expedition collected more than 90 species, several of which are likely new to science.